T-SQL Tuesday #29: The Talented and Impressive Mr Power View

SQL Server 2012 has many useful new and improved features so it was difficult to choose one to talk about for this T-SQL Tuesday event. But "the host" said choose one so I decided to highlight the feature known as Power View (formerly known as “Project Crescent”)since it impressed me four (4) times before the RTM: PASS Summit 2010, PASS Summit 2011, the BareMetal Workshop and the last time is NDA (Sorry).

Power View is a new feature of Reporting Services 2012 in SharePoint integrated mode (Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010). This interactive data exploration tool provides ad-hoc reporting for business users such data analysts, business decision makers, and information workers. Since covering all the useful and cool capabilities of this feature in one post is not possible I decided to add two videos to give you a taste of its capabilities.

This video is Technical Fellow, Amir Netz presenting at the PASS Summit 2011Keynote. He was the guy that said "This is beyond wicked fast; this is the engine of the devil, right?" during the PASS Summit 2010 keynote while showing a demo of Project Crescent. Even though the demo is difficult to see the video is still very informative.

Since the demo was hard to see in the first video I added this video which was created by one of the group product managers from the Business Intelligence (BI) team.

The last time I was this impressed about a new SQL Server feature was when Microsoft introduced Management Studio in SQL Server 2005. I am not a BI guru and I don't use Reporting Services (RS) as much as I should and I am not a super fan of SharePoint but I definitely think that gaining the benefits of Power View is worth the time and effort of getting familiar with RS and SharePoint as well as setting up a SharePoint Environment with Reporting Services Add-on. Is he mad you say, only one way to know ...try it and see!


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