TTSSUG Event Review: SQL Azure 101

Earlier this month I presented at the TTSSUG's first event for 2011: an introduction to Microsoft SQL Azure titled ' SQL Azure 101'.

I started the presentation by explaining what a SQL Azure Database is and then moved into a discussion about the benefits of the product. The SQL Azure Architecture and Network Topology were described in order to give more insight into the security and high availability capabilities that exist. I also spoke about the differences between SQL Server and SQL Azure and then ended the session by highlighting how SQL Azure can be used in some typical business scenarios to benefit an organisation.

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Recovery Models: Selecting and Switching

A recovery model is a database configuration option that controls transaction log maintenance. The recovery model basically specifies how SQL Server manages logs files and controls what kind of backup and recovery procedures can be used for a database. The three types of recovery models that you can choose from in SQL Server are:
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