T-SQL Tuesday #029 - The After Party

April was an extremely busy month for me but since it was my first time hosting T-SQL Tuesday event I made sure that my first post for May would be the round up post.

My Australian friend, Rob Farley started the ball rolling by looking at a particular aspect of the Analytic functions.

Frank Gill entered with his view of Extended Events in 2012.

Nick Haslam explained why he thinks ColumnStore is faster than a speeding Cluster Index!

Michał Poręba highlighted the usefulness of Analytic functions.

Senior SQL Server Consultant, Tammy Richter Jones brought some insight about Product Update in 2012.

Ami Levin focused on the new features in the installation process to show how they can affect your first interaction with 2012.

Sebastian Meine shared with us the capabilities of the new LAG function with a great example here

Kyle Neier's contribution for this event was 'Treat a TempDb like it is really Temporary'.

Mike Fal introduced  the FileTable in his post.

Wayne Sheffield wrote about the enhancements to the Over clause.

Mike Donnelly talked about the benefits of parameters in SSIS.

John Sterrett, another friend I met at the PASS Summit, focused on contained databases in his contribution.

I decided to participate as well with two videos showing the awesomeness of PowerView!

Last entry for the day came from Carlos Bossy with his POV on DAX functions.

Two other entries came after the time but since I am so late with this round up I decided to add them:

Ashwin Menon wrote about a feature that I like a lot: Recovery Advisory.

Jason Yousef spoke about new and improved Flat File Source.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I really enjoyed reading the posts and I definitely learned some great things about SQL Server 2012.


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