Help Wanted: NoSQL Information Required!

Earlier today, a developer contacted me to get some information about SQL Server since he is trying to decide which DBMS to use for his project.  Our conversation eventually moved away from SQL Server and brought us to the 'Relational vs. Non-Relational' discussion and of course 'NoSQL' was there waiting to be called next.
During that conversation I realised what little knowledge I had of NoSQL and not understanding both sides of the story made it difficult to give advice without seeming one sided. After the discussion I decided to go do some reading on it and thought it would be a good idea to blog about it as well. However with the number of things that I have to do I would probably take forever to get a blog post like that published.
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TTSSUG Event: Deploying and Managing Applications on Azure

Our presenter for this event, Hasani Holder, is a Teleios MessageCentral Software Engineer who has been using Azure since last year September. If you have no knowledge of Azure then this event will help you understand what Azure is and how to use it.
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