Free SQL Server Training in September!

PASS is once again giving free SQL Server training '24 hours' style. That’s right, another 24 hours of PASS (24 HOP) event will be happening in September and since the PASS Summit is right around the corner they decided to go with the theme 'Summit Preview'. All the sessions would be done by world-renowned SQL Server and BI experts who are presenting at the PASS Summit 2011 in order to give you a free preview of the type of sessions you can expect at this year’s event.

Never been to a 24 hours of PASS event before? Not sure what you have to do to attend? Just go to the homepage and register! Don't miss the 24 free technical webcasts occurring on two days - 12 on September 7th and the other 12 on September 8th.
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TTSSUG Event Review: Demonstrating T-SQL Constructs

Our meeting on Tuesday did not have as many people as we hoped but the presentation done by Mitra Sinanan was very informative to the few that attended. He created some scripts to highlight the difference between some T-SQL constructs and explained when would be the best situations to use them. He also spoke about one of the command line utilities that came with SQL Server 2005 - the TableDiff Utility.
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T-SQL Tuesday #21: Too Much Of A Good Thing Can Sometimes Be Bad

This is the first time that I am taking part in a T-SQL Tuesday event but it seems that Adam knew I was going to take part so he did something special to celebrate my post and made it a T-SQL Wednesday event this month (the real reason is explained in his blog post).
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