SQLSaturday #102 Review

On November 11th we hosted SQLSaturday #102 in Trinidad and Tobago. Putting this event together was not simple but I believe that was because of the fact that it was the first time we were hosting it in the Caribbean and also it was the first time that I was planning an all-day event. Besides the issues the event was in my eyes an overall success!

We had a total of 86 people registered but on the day of the event we had 68 attendees from 35 different organisations. The attendees included Database Administrators, System Administrators, Software Developers, Analysts, Consultants, Team Leads, Managers and Company Owners.

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One More Day before SQLSaturday #102!

Today is the last day to register for SQLSaturday #102 Trinidad and Tobago!

We have PASS President and SQL Server MVP, Rushabh Mehta as well as SolidQ Mentor, Joe Chang flying in today. We also have two local speakers stepping up for the event, Hasani Holder and Jason Deyalsingh. I will also be  presenting on a requested topic.
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PASS Summit 2011 Review: Day 2- Day4

I had composed a review of Day 1 while I was at the summit and even though my plan was to write reviews for each day while at the summit; my days were so busy that I never got a chance to finish them.  When I got back to Trinidad, I decided to sum up the events for the day into one post however this post also suffered some delays due to all my free time being focused on SQLSaturday #102.
Finally I was able to complete this post, let the review begin!

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