PASS Summit 2017 - The Good and Bad News

The Good news
After seven (7) years of submitting and attending PASS Summit, this was the first year that I was selected as a presenter. It was a super awesometastic feeling (awesome + fantastic - copyright pending) when I got the email and I think it left me in shock for so long that I  forgot to post it on social media after PASS announced it on the summit site.

The Bad News
Right now I am supposed to be somewhere up in the air heading to Seattle (my second home), however I am here on the ground in Trinidad (my first home) thinking about how much this situation sucks. Two weeks ago I found out that I had a medical condition that could impact my trip and then based on how I felt the last few days, I decided to not take the chance of flying in my condition and hence I gave up my first opportunity to speak at the event.
The Good News part 2
The medical condition isn't going to kill me and I should be recovering sometime this week. Once I recover I have a list of events that I plan to be presenting at during November 2017 so look out for that blog post next week.

I want to thank the PASS Members and Teams - Directors, HQ members, committee members, volunteers and everyone affiliated for everything they do to ensure that a PASS Summit occurs every year and thank you for the opportunity to present at it this year. To the attendees, my sincerest apologies for my last minute cancellation and I will be able to make up for it next year (once I am lucky to be selected again).

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