Microsoft Tech Boot Camp 2009: Business Intelligence Highlights

I had a fun time presenting on 'Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2008' at the Microsoft Tech Boot Camp 2009. The number of attendees was larger than I expected but the interaction during the session and the few comments that I got after the session made me feel that the presentation had a positive impact on them. I think that the information made people aware of the power of SQL Server and highlighted some of the advantages of using the components of SQL Server 2008.
As for the demos that I did, I learned them from videos that you can find at the following links:
SSIS Demo - Creating a Basic Package
SSRS Demo - Create a Basic Table Report with a Wizard

If you were at the session please feel free to leave feedback about the presentation. Constructive criticism is appreciated.
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SQL Server 2008: Business Intelligence

I've got a presentation next week Thursday in The Microsoft Tech Boot Camp 2009. The presentation (Track 6) will give an overview of SQL Server 2008 and highlight some of the BI capabilities that the product offers. The Boot Camp offers information for both developers and administrators so anyone interested can use the information from the image below in order to register. Please note this is an event taking place in Trinidad.

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Welcome: My First Post

My name is Nigel Sammy and I would like to welcome you to my blog, SQL Server: A DB Professional's Best Friend. In my company I deal with many database tasks such as administration, development, BI, consultation etc and I have created this blog to share the cool SQL Server and technical information that I encounter in my DB adventures. I have been trying to start this blog for almost 2 years now but after viewing Steve Jones 'Building a better blog' I finally got it started, so there will be some posts of information that I encountered in the past but wanted to still share . Feel free to leave comments and questions and please do enjoy.
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