Microsoft M4 St Lucia Presentation

I was asked to present at the Microsoft M4 St Lucia event, which took place at Sandals La Toc Golf and Spa resort on Thursday 7th April, 2016. This was a CXO focused event to highlight how Microsoft technology can transform your business by improving productivity, minimize cost and increase profits.

My session, Data is the new currency, focused on the increased amount of accessible data and how this data can be used with Microsoft Data Platform products and features to deliver insights in various organizations. I then took a step back and discussed basics in Business Intelligence (BI) to explain how the attendees can leverage their existing SQL Server environment to gain the various BI benefits before rushing into the newer products that I mentioned previously. I ended the session with a discussion on self-service BI, Power BI and a demonstration on how to use Power BI Desktop.

The deck used for the session is available here:!AsysTU6_j0M_gZpt92YYqZDF5EV4Iw

M4 St Lucia Session


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