AzureCon and Azure Tour

AzureCon is a free, virtual event where experts from Microsoft and the community will present the latest in Azure innovation and easy-to-adopt solutions. This event has three (3) Keynotes, fifty (50) technical breakout sessions and live Q&A with Microsoft executives, Azure engineers and community members including:
Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud & Enterprise
• Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Cloud & Enterprise
• Bill Staples, Corporate Vice President, Cloud & Enterprise
Mark Russinovich, CTO, Microsoft Azure

Event details: September 29, 2015 9am - 5pm PST

The Azure Tour starts in Philadelphia and continues in eight (8) different cities around the world from October 2015 to March 2016. Each city will host a free, in-person, one-day technical training event that offers technical breakout sessions, hands-on experiences and full-day immersions. The tour site has more details.


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