SQL Server 2012 BareMetal Workshop

In the last week of January I attended the SQL Server 2012 BareMetal workshop at Microsoft in Redmond. Dandy Weyn (blog | twitter), Microsoft Technical Product Manager,  brought together MVPs,  MCMs, Microsoft employees and a few regular guys like my  myself for a special Train-the-Trainer event. This 2-3 day workshop focused on the key pillars of SQL Server 2012 through Hands-on-Experience!

Even though I have been playing with 2012 RC0 since October, the event gave me a great opportunity to experience the new features in 2012 and some of the old features that existed in previous versions. Besides SQL Server, the  training also gave exposure to other technologies/products such as Hyper - V, PowerShell, SharePoint 2010 and Windows Core. One of the personal benefits of the event was the opportunity for networking with various SQL Experts from around the world. Since we were able to complete the course sooner than expected we were treated to various presentations and met various members of the SQL Server production team. Dandy ended the training with some presentation/training tips and tricks.

So was the event worth leaving my warm country to go to a cold state in January? Totally! Many Thanks to Dandy for the training and all the hard work he did to create the materials for the event! Also thanks to Chris (the real @SQLServer) for the cool SQL Server swag.

Microsoft Building 25 -Redmond

Registration - Brent Ozar PLF (Brent and Jeremiah)

Dandy on Day 1

Rob Farley and Karen Lopez 

Some of the MVPs/MCMs talking to Dandy after Day3

Me and Kalen Delaney


Karen Lopez said...

You need to update the caption on the photo of Rob F. He didn't do anything to the machines. He did have an odd fascination with the banana left behind by others in my row when they avoided the BI part of the course. I'll leave him to explain that.

As our side of the room watched, I pranked JP's machine. In the panic that followed the next morning, the whole row of machines got buggered up, including my own. Fortunately, a calmer head prevailed and Jeremiah got it all working again. HW is tough to deal with.

Great set of photos, BTW. I had a lot of fun at this event.

Nigel Peter Sammy said...

Whoops! My bad.
Fixed..Sorry Rob :)

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