Focus of this blog

Since this is my first post for 2012 I would like to start off by wishing all my readers a very happy and prosperous New Year!

In the past few weeks this is what I have been telling people “I am sure you think this blog sucks because it doesn’t have many technical posts”.
During the past few weeks I interacted with a few people who said they read my blog which is surprising since most of these people prefer technical articles and my blog does not have many technical posts. Why are there limited technical posts?

The Why?
When I started this blog 2009 it was to share with people the knowledge I had collected in the past few years as well as any new technical information that I gained. However my main audience was people in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. In 2010, we started TTSSUG and I decided to focus on promoting SQL Server activities/meetings and other IT events in order to help build the IT and SQL community locally. However with the time spent doing my normally daily activities as well as TTSSUG activities it was difficult for me to consistently deliver multiple technical and event based posts each month so I decided to focus on the event based posts more.
The Effect
The SQL Server community has definitely grown! Before people get the wrong idea let me highlight the fact that it isn’t just because of TTSSUG or my blog. Starting a PASS Chapter, attending the PASS Summit and tweeting helped introduce my blog to many international readers which was not something that I catered for. Most of my international readers as well as local technical readers prefer technical posts.
The Solution
Simple – write more technical posts starting 2012! I plan to have some ‘how-to’ posts, ‘tips and tricks’ posts, ‘back to basics’ posts, ‘things I learned’ posts, ‘product review’ posts, etc. I will continue doing posts about local events but I will try to highlight more international events as well because assisting the growth/evolution of the SQL community is one of my main objectives.
You may think that this post just highlights the fact that I plan to do more technical writing in 2012 but the post also:
1.       Explains the purpose of my blog.
2.       Explains what kind of posts you can expect in this blog in the future.
3.       Highlights the fact that this blog is adjusted to cater for my readers and the community because you are important to me.


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