PASS Summit Experience Day 1

I am now blogging about my first day because my first day actually ended last night. I left Trinidad at 6:50 am on Monday and landed in Seattle at 8 pm (11 pm TT time). By the time I got to the hotel, checked in and got dinner it was 11 pm (3 am TT Time) and since I had to reach Trinidad airport by 3:50am it means I was up for 24 hours!
I got 2 hours rest (no not sleep) before getting up to check some mail and then I got ready to heading out for my ‘almost’ full day of meetings/events:
9:15 am- 12:15 am - SQLSaturday Meeting
8 am-9 am - VC Meeting
12:15 pm- 2:15 pm - ‘Free Time’ – yeah right, I don’t even know where it went!
2:15-5pm – Chapter Leader meeting
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm – First timers meeting with their Big Brother/Sister – Yeah I was a Big Brother
6:30 pm – 8 pm Welcome Orientation – I was at the SQL Azure VC booth (you owe me Scott Klein)
Apparently the 24 hours of being on my feet as well as the 12 hours of meetings and volunteer work really had me tired so when the party started I was just too tired. Don’t get me wrong I was tired but I was there! Volunteer Party at 8pm to 10 pm and then SQLServerCentral Party from 10pm to 10:40 pm before heading back to my hotel. After a day like mines the best thing to do was sleep right…wrong I met Adam Machanic and Aaron Nelson and we decided to take a drink of some Trinidad rum. It was a long hard day but it was a great day that had a great combination of work, networking and relaxation. It feels good to be at the PASS Summit 2011!
By the way I am blogging at the Day1 Keynote, just in case you think I have free time to blog… I don’t!


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