PASS Summit Day 2 Keynote - Live Blog

Welcome to the PASS Summit Day 2!

Today I am at the blogger table representing Trinidad, TTSSUG and SolidQ! If you can't see the name 'Nigel Sammy' in my badge you can recognise me with my spidey t-shirt (black suit for the comic book fans).
Today’s keynote session with Quentin Clark, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, starts at 8:15am today! You can see it live here

8:15am: Bill Graziano, Vice President of Finance just started the keynote by highlighting Kilt Day! Yes folks he is wearing a Kilt.

8:22am: Lori Edwards was awarded the PASSion Award 2011!

8:30am: Quentin Clark is here! Talking about SQL Server 2012 Vision and Foundation for the Future!
Some Buzz words on his slide:  ColumnStore Index, PowerView, DataQuality.

Quentin's presentation is about the 'Fantastic 12 features of SQL Server 2012':
1. Required 9's and Protections -  AlwaysOn Availability. Demo time!

@BrentO: Starting off with demos of SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups - my veeerry favorite feature. #sqlpass

Great Demo! I can see why Brent Ozar (@BrentO) likes it
2. Blazing – Fast Performance
3. Rapid Data Exploration
4. Managed Self-Service BI

5. Credible, Consistent Data
Lara (@SQLGal) Rubbelke just took the stage to do a demo and the whole blogger table got excited! Look at the #sqlpass tag in twitter!
6. Organizational Compliance
7. Peace of Mind – System Center Advisor, Expanded Support
8. Scalable Data Warehousing– SQL Server Appliances (Optimized and Pre-tuned)
9. Fast Time to Solution -
These guys are talking about Private Cloud DB Appliances! He just said half-rack and i thought about ribs!

10. Extend Any Data, Anywhere – Great Interoperability – New Drivers for PHP, Java and Hadoop. ODBC Drivers for Linux and CDC for SSIS and Oracle.

Semantic Search Demo- Awesome!
11. Optimized Productivity – Juneau – SQL Server Data Tools, Unified Across DB & BI
12. Scale on Demand – AlwaysOn, Deployment Across Public & Private, Elastic Scale

Showing off that you can use SSMS 2012 to connect to Azure Storage!

Time to see SQL Azure Federation in action (Elastic Scale). Azure scaling up to 150 GB by end of the year... man I better update my Azure slides!

9:48am: 'SQL Server is Cloud-Ready' is the title slide and the DBAs in the room are thinking too much cloud talk!

9:50am: Short Video to end the keynote!
Use the Buzz words to find out more about the available features in SQL Server 2012!


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