T-SQL Tuesday #22: Have you seen PowerPivot for Excel?

"Wow it's T-SQL Tuesday already!" was the thought I had when I saw this month's T-SQL invitation yesterday. This month the blog party is being hosted by Robert Pearl and the topic he has chosen is 'Data Presentation'.

Initially I thought about not submitting a post this month because I wouldn’t have enough time to do a post with examples or tip and tricks. However as I thought about it more I realised that this is a good opportunity to highlight a product that has been very helpful to me: PowerPivot for Excel.

What makes this tool great is highlighted in the following description from Microsoft:
"PowerPivot for Excel is a data analysis add-in tool that you can use to perform powerful data analysis in Excel 2010, bringing self-service business intelligence to your desktop. It lets you import, filter, sort many millions of rows of data, far beyond the one million row limit in Excel. Sort and filter are extremely fast because the operations are performed by a local Analysis Services VertiPaq processor that runs inside Excel. PowerPivot for Excel lets you build relationships between data that is from completely different data sources by mapping columns that contain similar or identical data."

This tool is very useful in my company for making strategic decisions within our organisation and also providing useful information to our customers. It provides us with the capability to see data trends in tables and/or charts and also allows us to compare information on various company products and items. Unfortunately I don’t have any examples that can show you the benefits of the product but the information available at this site can help you find a way to leverage this tool in your environment.


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