SQLSaturday comes to Trinidad and Tobago!

You may have been hearing rumours about an all-day SQL Server event, so I thought it would be best to write a blog post to confirm that SQLSaturday #102 will be held in Trinidad. SQLSaturday is an international event that would be occurring for the first time in the Caribbean on Friday November 11th 2011 at the Courtyard by Marriott and best of all it is FREE!

I decided to post a General FAQ session below to give more information about the event!

What is SQLSaturday?
As stated in the SQLSaturday Wiki:
"It’s a one day free training event that targets SQL Server professionals. It’s held on a Saturday because many IT professionals have a difficult time taking time off from work for training. Training sessions are conducted by members of the community, sharing tips, tricks, and techniques that they have learned and want to share." 

How did SQLSaturday reach Trinidad?
Earlier this year, TTSSUG committee members discussed having an all-day SQL Server event that could become a yearly activity. During the planning phase I got some advice from fellow SolidQ colleges that I should talk to PASS about the event since they have plenty of experience with those types of events. After many emails and msn chats with Karla Landrum (Blog|Twitter), it was decided that a SQLSaturday would be the best way to achieve the type of event that TTSSUG wanted. Many thanks to Karla and the PASS team for all the support and advice that they gave us to get this event registered as SQLSaturday #102.

Who can attend?
Anyone in the world who is interested in learning about SQL Server can attend. Of course spaces are limited   so the sooner you register the better!

Who will be speaking at the event?
Just like the local group events, speakers are volunteers from the community! SQLSaturday has a Call for Speakers page to allow volunteers to submit a session abstract for the event. Of course we have a deadline so that we can review the abstracts and choose the speakers for the event. Our deadline date is October 19th 2011, so if you would like to speak at the event then submit your sessions now!
A blog post with the current speakers will be posted soon and updated as more people submit abstracts.

What about Sponsors?
Sponsors are a critical part of the event since their involvement can greatly affect the logistics of the event. Due to this fact we have tried our best to offer as many benefits as we possibly could to companies. Any sponsor who would like to be a part of the SQLSaturday #102 event would be greatly appreciated and welcomed!
Any International/US sponsors can view the sponsor plan to see what benefits we offer and then sign up if they are interested. If you are a Local/Caribbean sponsor please send us an email: to get more information about sponsoring the event. If any one wishes to discuss any customised sponsor package to meet their needs please send us an email with the details.
A blog post with the current sponsors will be posted soon and updated as more sponsors join the event. We currently have the support of three sponsors (Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago, SolidQ and Teleios Systems) which we are very thankful for!

Why is this SQLSaturday event on a Friday?
SQLSaturday is a brand name! There are no rules or laws that state a SQLSaturday event must occur on a Saturday. Due to our culture in Trinidad, having an all-day IT event on a Saturday would not have many attendees and since we have to also consider international attendees and presenters we decided to have it on a Friday so that they can maximise the convenience of the weekend. 

This event is a great milestone for Trinidad, PASS (SQLSaturday), Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago (SQL Server) and TTSSUG! Come be a part of this occasion as an attendee, speaker and/or sponsor!
If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email: sqlsaturday102@sqlsaturday.com


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