Data Modernization in a Day

Last month I was allowed the opportunity to deliver Microsoft's workshop "Data Modernization in a Day" in Edina, Minnesota and Irving, Texas. The workshop is a deep-dive, interactive exploration of how to migrate applications and databases to the cloud. The purpose of the event is for professionals in data management and technical decision-making roles to better understand the following:

•        The reasoning and value of migrating applications and databases to Azure
•        How to whiteboard a data migration strategy
•        Tools and methods available to help you migrate your data

The morning was spent understanding the motivations and value of data modernization and how to plan for it using Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). This included information on how your cost on Azure can be reduced and how your cloud experience can be improved with assessments and optimization before moving to the cloud. The afternoon was used for case study reviews and two (2) hands-on labs:

1.        Migrating SQL databases to Azure
This was to showed attendees how to assess their on premises SQL Server 2008 databases and then migrate it to Azure SQL Managed Instance.
2.        Line-of-business application migration
This was to show attendees how to perform an assessment and migration of a workload which included a database, application and web tier as well as a web proxy. The environment was running on Hyper-V virtual machines which included Windows and Linux operating systems.

The decks for the sessions:

The labs (Just Exercise 1 and 2):

Some general links that were mentioned and would be useful in your modernization process:
  1. Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework -
  2. Comparison of Azure SQL DB (single and elastic pool) and Managed Instance  -
  3. Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly SQL DW) architecture -
  4. Hyperscale service tier -


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