Free SQL Server Training in Trinidad and Tobago

In 2009, two of my friends, Ruselle Seeboo and Anand Singh, and I were discussing ways in which we could help improve the IT community in Trinidad and Tobago. We discovered that in various parts of the world there are IT User Groups which provide training to individuals and the opportunity to network with peers so we decided to start a group. After much discussion and research we started the Trinidad and Tobago SQL Server User Group in 2010 which focuses on SQL Server and other Microsoft technologies.

The group still exists and we still want to make a positive impact on the IT community but I have realised that the number of attendees and volunteers for our events is not increasing. One reason is that newcomers to the IT field don't know that we exist and the other reason is that some of our registered members have lost interest.
If you are or were a member of the group but don't attend events anymore please give us feedback by sending us an email at Never heard of TTSSUG before? Then check out the follow links for more information about the group:
If you are interested in upcoming events then follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We have an event next week Tuesday at Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago Building, so review the event details and register.
Anyone with ideas on how we can continue growing can email us at The group was created for building the IT community so feedback from the community is very important to us and would be greatly appreciated!


Sharda said...

I'd be willing to work with you on a marketing strategy to target newcomers to IT (in particular recent IT/CS graduates).

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