2013 = Changes

At the beginning of the year, I told some of my friends that I planned to make some changes this year. Much to my surprise, the first change for 2013 occurred a mere few weeks later - I changed my occupation.  This week I started my job as a full time lecturer at the School of Business and Computer Science, a tertiary level educational institute in Trinidad and Tobago.

After being in the IT corporate world for over a decade, it was a very difficult decision to leave and join the education system. Entering a new field is a challenge but I believe this step is necessary for some of my long term plans and goals. I also see this as a new opportunity to help grow the IT world in Trinidad and Tobago as well as the Caribbean.

I intended to write about this earlier but activities such as SQLSaturday #185, MVP Summit and also wrapping up previous work from Teleios kept me extremely busy. Hopefully I will have more time to blog in the future.

While I started this year with some plans in mind, the fact that I changed careers might mean change in plans as well. As Nido Qubein stated 'Change brings opportunity'!



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