SQL in Seattle

Last month, I travelled to Seattle for one of my favourite events of the year - PASS Summit!
This year's summit trip had an extra benefit, another SQL Server event called Red Gate SQL in the City.


SQL In the City - 5th November

As stated on the website, 'SQL in the City brings together Red Gate and the SQL community for an awesome day of free SQL Server training the Red Gate way.'

The event had very interesting and informative sessions as well as some well-known SQL Server speakers.  I went to three of the sessions and spent the rest of the day meeting Red Gate staff and attendees. At the end of the day was a networking session as well as free swag. I had an awesome first experience at this the event. Thanks Red Gate!

PASS Summit 2012 - 6th - 9th November

Starting my own PASS Summit tradition -
Super Hero T-Shirts Day!
I was looking forward to this event since the last day of PASS Summit 2011. This year some things were different but adjusting to the changes was not difficult. The fact that the next summit isn’t going to be in Seattle means I should be prepared for more changes next year.

I tried to balance the time that I spent participating in the various activities at the event. I went to some sessions based on recommendations that I received during my PASS Summit Interviews. I visited the exhibition booths to see what products/services were offered and also to talk to them about sponsor SQLSaturday #185. Of course I also had to make time to visit the Community Zone, the SQL Clinic and all my PASS friends in the HQ booth and room.

One of the best things about the summit is the fact that I get to see my friends and also make new friends. This was my first summit as an MVP and being on the MVP mailing list made me create a new list of people that I had to meet. The list is very long but I wanted to highlight a few persons because of the things they have done for me before meeting me in person:

Me and Katrina Munsell (aka @SQLServer)
Due to my limited trips to events in the US, I try to do something for the community at the PASS Summit every year. I participated at the bloggers table again this year but due to some wireless issues my posts weren't what I wanted them to be. I also hosted a 'Birds of the feather' table and even though it was the only 'Cloud table' I am glad to say that we had people present to talk about the topic.  Jeremiah Peschka can confirm that the picture below wasn't photo shopped.

Birds of the feather - The Cloud table 
Some events that occurred during the trip that stood out in my mind (in no particular order) are:

1.       Hanging out with my friends Para Doshi and Adam Machanic. 
2.       My interactions with Katrina Munsell. She is funny and very cool. Thanks for the SQL Server swag!
3.       Meeting my SolidQ boss, Antonio Soto and the rest of the SolidQ family at the 10th Anniversary event!
4.       Getting saved from Jennifer McCown at the bloggers' table when I was starving. Thanks Jen!
5.       Wendy Pastrick supplying us with internet at the bloggers' table.  Thanks Wendy!
6.       Going for coffee with Jeremiah Peschka which resulted with us running down the street to FedEx with a Red Gate box.
7.       Hanging out with Rob Farley and the LobsterPot team.
8.       Cindy Gross impersonation of Mark Souza.
9.       Watching a long line of people waiting for an autograph from Pinal Dave.
10.    Meeting Paul White.

As I stated, this list has some events and not all the events but I can’t end this post without highlight the best memory for this trip – Winning an Xbox from the SQL Server booth. Thanks Microsoft for my Christmas gift!
My Gift arrives safely- Xbox with Kinect and two games

Overall the summit was great and I can't wait for PASS Summit 2013!


Ryan Adams said...


It was great meeting you this year. You are one seriously cool guy and I enjoyed hanging out at the bloggers table!

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