T-SQL Tuesday #34 - Presentations Can Be Helpful

The purpose of month's topic chosen by Rob Volk (Blog | Twitter) is to get some insight about where we get SQL Server help.

There are many methods to get assistance with SQL Server when you have issues but what about the help that you didn't realise that you need! How do you ask for help on an issue if you don't know you have an issue? Presentations have been a great resource for providing me with SQL Server knowledge  which assists me with finding and fixing existing and possible future SQL Server issues. It goes without saying that presentations can assist with current known issues as well.

Before you continue reading this thinking that I am just talking about attending sessions please note that  I am also talking about being the presenter. While preparing for a presentation I am sure you will learn something that can be used immediately or eventually for a fix/improvement to you system.

Besides the actual content of the presentation, the interactions during the session (e.g. questions and answers) are quite helpful and informative. You can get direct immediate answers to some of your questions and also both attendee and presenter can possibly learn from other people's scenarios/situations. An extra benefit of attending presentations is the networking opportunities, which can be considered as a separate way of getting help.

In the IT world it is very difficult to attend these presentations but luckily there are many online presentations to deal with this issue. Even if you are unable to attend the online session due to your schedule, many presentations both online and in-person are recorded to allow on demand viewing. Of course it is not going to be as great as being there and the networking opportunity will be lost.

I consider presentations to be a necessity to anyone in the IT world! A great place to get many helpful presentations is the PASS Summit. Sessions are recorded for people who want to see sessions that they missed or people who couldn’t attend but the DVD should not be your first option!



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