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In life there are some tasks that  seem difficult to complete initially but as time goes by it becomes easier due to various reasons such as knowledge, understanding and of course practice. The easier it is for us to complete, the easier it is for us to forget how difficult it was initially. Many people take it for granted that what is easy or simple for them should be easy or simple for other people as well.

I hate to admit it but sometimes I am that person. Working with databases for more than six (6) years now is the reason why I might not quickly realise that an easy task for me might be difficult for someone else for a number of valid reasons. Sometimes the method that I choose to explain a process might not be the best way to teach someone new to the database world.  Due to the increased number of database related questions and the need for knowledge transfer at my job, I had to find ways to improve my methods of sharing what is in my head. After much thinking I came up with a few ideas but the main one that I want to share with you is my new type of blog post called 'Back to Basics'.  These posts will focus on some of the basic tasks that a database professional performs as well as some common problems that he encounters.

Instead of another paragraph to give more information about 'Back to Basics' posts, I decided to do a Q&A section.

Q: Who is the target audience?
A: People new to the database world such as students, new DBAs, Accidental /Involuntary DBAs, developers, etc.

Q:  This information already exists in books and online. Why write about things that have already been written?
A: Sometimes the information resides in one place and sometimes it resides in various places and media. The plan isn't to just rehash material but to combine all the necessary information and deliver it with a twist that makes it easy for people to understand.

Q: Who will be choosing the topics?
A: I will be choosing the topics. Even though I stated that it would cover DB professional's tasks and problems I never said that the posts will represent all or even some DB professionals. The posts are to share what I already know and recently learned. It is important to note that what is basic for someone might not be basic for me and vice versa.

Q: How would you decide what topics to write about?
A: Right now I have no method to select topics but topics would be written based on database questions that I am asked, situations I encounter at work and of course suggestions that I receive from you, the readers. If you send a topic and don't see it immediately please understand that I might be taking long to write it due to a back log of topics or time. Also note that I cannot write about a topic that I do not have any knowledge or understanding about.

Q: How would I know a 'Back to Basics’ post?
A: The post will have a B2B label.

Please feel free to give comments and feedback!


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