2011 Blog Posts: What To Expect!

Since this is my first blog post for 2011, it is only right to start by wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

I was reviewing some of my blog posts for the past 2 years and realised that I need to make some changes to the type of blog posts this year. Before I highlight what to expect let me just do a recap:

As I mentioned in my first post, I had been trying to start a blog since 2007 but I only actually succeeded after viewing Steve Jones' 24 Hour PASS session - 'Building a better blog'. The main reason for the blog was to share the database information that I had inside my head and then after I became a Team Lead in 2008 I thought that blogging would be a great way to keep the database professional in me alive. The plan was to have various technical articles written in a style which will allow the blog to become a one stop site for SQL Server information.

My exposure to online and in-person events helped me understand some advantages of networking and made me recognise the need for increased IT community activities and knowledge sharing in Trinidad and Tobago. Most of my blog posts have been used to promote TTSSUG and TTSAC events which were intended to build the SQL and Development communities and increase local networking. I also focused on online events, such as SQL Azure Virtual Chapter meetings and 24 Hours of PASS events, which created opportunities for global knowledge sharing. The rest of my blog posts for the year provided reviews for these events.

I realised that I didn’t focus much on technical articles in 2010 which could have given readers the idea that the focus of my blog has changed. The focus of the blog has not changed but has definitely gotten broader. My plan for 2011 is to have a mixture of technical articles both instructional and informational as well as event notifications and reviews. I will also include production information such as upgrades and releases for SQL Server and SQL Azure. Professional development, interviews and case studies are some other types of posts that I want to focus on but I don’t want to make any promises. So how do I plan to achieve these different types of post this year? To be honest I don’t have a great number of plans to ensure I will achieve it but one of my plans that I know will help is frequent blogging. If I actually achieve all that I set out to do on this blog this year then I will highlight the plans that I came up with and specify whether they assisted or not.

As for the style of the posts, well I have to leave something as a mystery otherwise you won't come back. Just know that it won't be as simple as the 2009 posts, at least not all of them.

I look forward to comments for this post, past posts and definitely future posts.


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