Going to the PASS Summit 2010

The PASS Summit is the world's largest, most-focused and most-intensive conference for Microsoft SQL Server and BI professionals. It provides mission-critical training, education and connections you need to enhance your skill. Organized by and for SQL Server and BI users, PASS Summit delivers the highest number of technical sessions, the largest number of attendees, the best networking and the highest-rated sessions and speakers of any SQL Server event in the world.

For people who are first time attendees like me, I thought that I should share some of the links that gave some insight into what to expect and what can be done during the summit. The first and best site to check is the PASS Summit Homepage. The site provides information such as a timetable for all the events, details about each session (spotlight and regular) and each speaker, a list of networking events and also a list of the people who have registered for the event.

The site also has tourist information for those visiting Seattle for the first time and there is a forum section where you can ask questions and get other information.  Since this is going to be my first technical conference, I found Jennifer McCown's (MidnightDBA) article: ‘How to attend a Tech Conference’ and Buck Woody's article: ‘How to attend a Technical Conference’ to be quite insightful.  Both articles highlight what you should do and what you can expect at technical conferences.

Besides all the knowledge to gain at this event, I am also looking forward to the networking possibilities at this event. I am excited to meet as many people as possible so if you see me please come and say hello. I am hoping to meet all the chapter leaders, all of the Solid Quality Mentors team members and of course all the Speakers at the PASS Summit 2010. Below is a list of individuals that I look forward to meeting. This list is made up of people that I interacted with throughout this year (via Twitter, PASS and LinkedIn) and people who assisted me and taught me with their blog posts and presentations. The list is as follow:

Please note that the list only contains people who appears on the ‘Who is coming list’. If I forgot to mention anyone please forgive me. Blame it on the Summit excitement!

Aaron Nelson (Blog | Twitter)
Adam Machanic (Blog | Twitter)
Allen Kinsel (Blog | Twitter)
Allen White (Blog | Twitter)
Andy Leonard (Blog | Twitter)
Andy Warren (Blog | Twitter)
Arnie Rowland (Blog | Twitter)
Blythe Morrow (Twitter)
Brad McGehee (Blog | Twitter)
Brent Ozar (Blog | Twitter)
Brian Knight (Blog | Twitter)
Buck Woody (Blog | Twitter)
Cindy Gross (Blog | Twitter)
Douglas McDowell (Twitter)
Fernando Guerrero (Twitter)
Grant Fritchey (Blog | Twitter)
Jennifer McCown (Blog | Twitter)
Jessica Moss (Blog | Twitter)
Jonathan Kehayias (Blog | Twitter)
Jorge Segarra (Blog | Twitter)
Kathi Kellenberger (Blog | Twitter)
Kendal Van Dyke (Blog | Twitter)
Kendra Little (Blog | Twitter)
Kevin Kline (Blog | Twitter)
Kimberly Tripp (Blog | Twitter)
Nancy Nasso (Twitter)
Pat Wright (Blog | Twitter)
Paul Randal (Blog | Twitter)
Robert Davis (Blog | Twitter)
Rushabh Mehta (Blog | Twitter)
Scott Klein (Blog)
Steve Jones (Blog | Twitter)
Thomas LaRock (Blog | Twitter)
Wendy Pastrick (Blog | Twitter)


Jen McCown said...

Hey Nigel,

Be sure to write and let us know how you survive the freezing New York City weather :)

It was great meeting you. Hope we'll see you again next year at the Summit, if not sooner!
-Jen McCown

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