Are You Tweeting What I Am Tweeting?

Recently my involvement with various local and international groups has increased and I realise that my new activities/responsibilities along with my everyday activities is causing a delay in informing the public about upcoming events. I have come up with a solution that will allow me to give updates about events as soon as possible. My plan is to create a wrist watch that can scan my mind for events information and then send it to an application that will create a blog post and send mail to the respective mailing list. This solution will take some time to be implemented so in the meantime I will use Twitter to give people heads up on various events.

If you are interested in local and international events and you want to know what's new going on in the 'SQL World' you can follow me on twitter. I may tweet about other tech stuff that I find cool (such as the mind scanning watch) but I won't be tweeting about things like what I had for lunch and what I am planning to have for dinner.


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